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SA Fire Watch does not just sell fire protection equipment and systems. Our true value is the skills and knowledge of our team. The people who know how to quote, design, install, troubleshoot and inspect fire protection systems and equipment. We believe in investing in our people so they can take the best care of your fire protection needs. SA Fire Watch focuses on your life safety so you can focus on your business.

Services & Products

Installation and Maintenance

Fire Pump Sets, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reel, Hydrants and Sprinklers

S. A. Fire's large inventory of equipment is SABS approved and meets the industry regulatory standards.

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Fire Equipment Inspection


S.A. Fire Watch team of professionals can assess and advise on all fire related components and installations

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Safety Symbolic Signage

Sans 1186-1 and 5 Fire and Safety

We stock a large inventory of SANS 1186 - 1 & 5 fire and safety signs to suit all applications. Should you require  one-off custom sign, these can also be arranged.

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Fire and Safety Compliancy

Annual Inspection and Certification

If you are a busy building manager or body corporate member, hassles with fire protection are the last thing you need from overwhelming local authority fire departments. Be fully compliant and have regular inspections.

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Emergency Evacuation Plans

Simulated Emergency Drills, Design and Draw of Floor Plan

Is your evacuation plan capable of safely and quickly moving out less  mobile tenants, visitors and or patients? Would your staff know exactly what to do in an emergency situation? 

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Fire Equipment Sales and Hire

Co-ordinated Management Systems

Fires in the utility industry expose workers and the community to extreme dangers and can be financially devastating. SA Fire Watch can monitor and maintain your vital equipment through a service level agreement (SLA) to suit your needs. We can supply on demand, fire equipment for your venue or function, movie site or concert.

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Fire Design

Walls and Partitioning Fire Safety

Powering the needs of industrial, commercial and domestic life. Processing of energy and the development of major services presents significant fire and safety risks. A small fire at a facility needs to be rapidly brought under control before it becomes a major disaster. Our fire engineer partners can design and submit to council for approval.

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Fire Detection Services

Fire Panel Testing and Installation

SA Fire Watch detection systems provide very early detection of even slow smoldering fires and can be configured to detect smoke and heat. Sensitive analytic tools mean early detection that is critical in a facility. Our team of experts can install, service and maintain all types of fire detection systems.

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Client Login

S. A. Fire Watch will provide your organisation with a more personalized progress report. S. A. Fire Watch has her own database, thus, reducing the risk of transmitting viruses. For this reason there are no images on the communication dashboard.


S.A. Fire Watch will provide you with current information on all your installations and maintenance of your fire protection needs. or omitted from environments where new risks are introduced or existing are altered.


You can upload documents and images and information of all the works in progress. Get a precise reports on the fire equipment installed in your premises. And avail information on any government regulatory certifications that your premises may require. 


You can view invoices both paid and outstanding to help manage your account with us and budget for the next financial period. You can view maintenance history 

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Meet our team

S.A. Fire Watch team has the capacity to identify your fire regulatory needs

Directors Desk

Managing Director: The growth of any organization is dependent on its ability to encourage skills enhancement. Our Technical Teams are certified with all the relevant recognized institutions to serve you better and to understand your needs as an organization for all your fire and safety regulatory compliance. Growing staff means growing your business.

Financial Director: We ensure that all our operational costs are sufficient and efficient to cover your fire and safety compliance regulations. Our proven track record of annual repeat customers is a surety of our financial management. To achieve Financial Freedom, you must be willing to do hard work and perseverance of highest order. Finance is not simply about making money. It’s about accomplishing our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour. It’s about mentorship and, therefore, about achieving a good society


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Fire Detection Commissioner

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Our Values

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our clients. We are, quite simply, an organization, built on integrity.






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