Accelerating Meaningful Action

SA Fire’s fire training ability is uniquely positioned to serve this segment of the market because of its user friendly characteristics, it’s practicality, and its skills attained through adventure. A free Meaningful life skill opportunity for all high schools in the Western Cape, soon to be rolled out across all provinces 

Schools Training Program

SA Fire’s is an innovative, provider of the fire training that offers unparalleled service. We value integrity and respect our relationships with each other, our customers and community at large. 

Over 5,000 learners Across the Western Cape

SA Fire management has conducted both primary and secondary research into the Art of training the youth in the Western Cape in Fire Safety and Fire Awareness, and has identified a significantly underserved segment within it.

Research Analysis

Management estimates that the physical work and the desire of many pupils in this market will generate future awareness of fire and safety and that South African's will benefit greatly in years to come. 

Our Members

In March 2006 the management of SA Fire Watch formed and registered SA Fire Schools Project to educate the youth in fire safety and use of fire equipment.


The Adopt-A-Learner process allows for companies, organizations and individuals to either adopt a single learner, a school or have it included as part of their organization or company community social initiative or responsibility (CSI or CSR).

Fire Safety & Awareness!

We at SA Fire Schools Project estimate that the physical work and the desire of many pupils in this market will generate future awareness of fire and safety and that South African will benefit greatly in years to come. 

Project Profile 

Building Sustainability Partnerships

The core management team of SA Fire’s schools project includes several members with successful backgrounds in the Fire and emergency service and experienced Facilitators who have over 50 years of experience. 

Mobile Fire Truck - Training Simulator

Sa Fire Watch, fire and safety training program for the youth, has implemented reduction measures for hazardous gas and smoke  emissions while training, by installing HVAC systems in her indoor training facility for direct open flame training facility we have in place.

The Mobile Flashover Simulator is fabricated from (1) 40’container. A 10’ fully insulated burn module is continuously welded to a 20’ student observation module and attached to a DOT compliant trailer. The simulator has been specifically designed for observation and recognition of fire behavior (from rollover to flashover) by varying fuel load and altering ventilation.

Sustainability - Carbon Footprint

SA Fire's Mobile Fire Truck will be going to schools and institutions specifically see to the needs of SA Fire Schools Project. This mobile fire truck, will greatly reduce the transportation of learners to and from the Academy. Thereby allowing for more schools to participate.

This will greatly benefit the schools and institutions as the learners will not spend  time on the road for travel, thus ensuring the safety of the students is retained by the schools and or institution.

Mobile Fire Truck Training Siumlator

The project managers recognize an enormous unmet need in Schools Fire training, 95% of school surveyed recently said they were ether very likely or likely to participate if the training was made available. The segment of the market has tremendous potential that has been untapped by any of SA Fire’s competitors in the industry. It is our primary target audience. 

SA Fire’s main service is fire compliancy, fire installations, and safety training.

Capacity and Operations

SA Fire Watch management believes it will be in an excellent positions to capitalize on its success of the schools project  and to seek partners in this venture.

Schools By Area


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