Alarm Systems

Our Alarm systems will deter burglars and recognize fires with single installation solutions which are customized fashionably to cut down on different panel installations. Thus reducing on having a variety of systems requiring different personnel to manage, monitor and maintain. This also reduces on multiple installations of different alarm systems, thereby reducing on the cost. A secure environment dictates upon the ease of gaining both fire safety and a secure environment.

At SA Fire Watch our business is to ensure a complete range of safety equipment and systems that protect lives, property and assets. Our systems are tailored to meet your specific property requirements. Fire Detection Systems work in a seamless pattern with our Security Systems which installed together create an integrated safe and secure environment in fire safety whilst safeguarding your property against unwarranted intruders.

SA Fire Watch alarm systems provide early detection of even slow smoldering fires and can be configured to detect intruders, smoke and heat. This alarm system is integrated with a panel that caters for both fire and security. Our team of experts can install, service and maintain all types of alarm systems.

This work in an all-round applicable panel that have a single control centre. Making monitoring, maintenance and installation manageable in your property.

The Alarm System consists of an Alarm Control Panel (providing two-way audio & video), Motion Detectors, Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs), Reed Switches, Sirens and Strobe Lights. Other intercom system brands can be supplied & installed upon request. The team at SA Fire Watch specializes in a variety Alarm System installations across the Western Cape. Depending upon the brand, we can integrate Alarm System with CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Gates, Doors, Access Control & More!

SA Fire Watch provides a high-quality, customized security solution, applicable to each customer’s unique commercial requirements. You’ve worked hard for the things that you own. In the real estate, your apartments lose market value when the security of your tenants is compromised, leading to loss of income and a dented reputation. An Alarm system provides for less human resource and quick identification of the security breach areas at any given time. The benefits of an alarm system supersedes those of not having an Alarm system installed. Insurance of monthly premiums also are greatly reduced for the same premium value. SA Fire Watch alarms help you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable home security at your fingertips.

With large-scale broadband communications already a reality in South Africa, and the installation of services being regulated by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). Knowing how your security alarm intrusion panel is going to handle and report alarms is becoming increasingly important. While offering the same telephone line capabilities as existing intrusion panels, we have available a range of communications extension modules that integrate directly with the alarm panel and provide options such as mobile communications via the GSM & GPRS networks, along with IP reporting through the Internet.

The Bosch alarm’s LCD Alphanumeric codepad displays information in real text allowing you to quickly identify the cause of any alarm, and even to control multiple apartments units simultaneously. Bosch alarm systems allow you to protect your property and assets with ease. The Touchscreen codepads allow you to turn your intrusion panel into a true lifestyle product with a variety of simple to use and aesthetically pleasing options and additional features, such as push notifications. Enjoy easy control of your Solution 2000 intrusion panel with the inclusion of wireless keyfobs that allow you to arm & disarm your system, control external outputs and trigger a panic alarm if you cannot reach the panel’s codepad.

What does this mean for you as an SA Fire Watch customer?

  • Alarm System Maintenance
  • Control Equipment Maintenance
  • Professional Advice on Alarm System Maintenance Solutions
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Meet deadlines in a short space of time.
  • Alarm with Cloud Hosting Computing Technology
  • SABS Certified CCTV Camera Products
  • Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) Compliant
  • Ability to Integrate with CCTV & Access Control
  • Alarm system maintenance and repair for both new & existing alarm systems.
  • On-Site visits with No obligation quotes for Alarm systems
  • Continued Support Provided after Installation

Flexibility, Agility, and Peace of Mind

Supporting up to 8 fully programmable zones on the Solution 2000 and 16 fully programmable zones on the Solution 3000, this range of intrusion panels is suitable for any apartment or gated estate, and even some commercial premises.

With support for up to four codepads on both panels and the ability to be split into two separate partitions on the Solution 3000, you have the flexibility of one security system that can act as two. The perfect arrangement for shared premises such as duplex houses or commercial properties.

Bosch Alarm System Features

8/16 Fully Programmable Zones


41 codes – 1 Installer, 20 User Codes (up to 32 on Solution 3000), 20 RF Keyfobs (up to 21 on Solution 2000 and 32 on Solution 3000)

16 Wireless Devices (on Solution 3000)

Partitionable into 2 Separate Areas

STAY / AWAY Arming Options

Walk Test Mode

Domestic Reporting

Dual Entry Timers

AC Fail Supervision

Phone Line Supervision

Selectable Reports per User Code

Entry and Exit Warning

Automatic Arming

Remote Arming

Zone Lockout

256 Event History Memory

LCD Icon, LCD Alphanumeric

Dynamic Battery Test

Day Alarm

Automation Controller App & Devices

Introducing a new range of Z-Wave home automation components available now from Bosch Security Systems. Using the VeraEdge Home Controller, it is possible to control over 220 devices including Z-Wave lights, locks, climate control and energy monitoring devices. Additionally, the VeraEdge can already interface with and control the Bosch G Series Integrated Intrusion & Access panel, and will shortly be able to do the same with the Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Intrusion panels.

All of the interconnected devices can be controlled through an easy-to-configure web interface, or via a smartphone or tablet using the Vera app for IOS and AndroidOS. Users can create “Scenes” which allow detections on various devices such as the alarm panel or thermostat to trigger actions on other devices or to notify users via Push, SMS or Email. All of these features are available with no monthly fee.

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