Alarm System Installation services Residential, Commercial Properties, Industrial and Warehouses

SA Fire Watch installs a range of different Alarm Systems in Western Cape – our alarms systems are SABS approved and meet industry, government and regulatory standards in South Africa. We provide customized installation solutions to cater for divergent individual needs and requirements.

The Alarm System consists of an Alarm Control Panel (providing two-way audio & video), Motion Detectors, Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs), Reed Switches, Sirens and Strobe Lights. Pre-installed intercom system are integrated with the alarm systems providing a concise point of monitoring for your security.

Professional Advice on Alarm Systems applicable to your specific needs
Expert Installation of Alarms for both residential & businesses
Continued Support provided after Installation for Alarm Usage

Alarm System Products Installed

  • Alarms & Surveillance Solutions
  • Expert Installation of Alarm Security Systems for Homes
  • Continued Product Support provided after-installation
  • Enhanced detection using Cloud Computing applications

We specialize in providing the following Alarm System Installation services Residential, Commercial Properties, Industrial and Warehouses across Western Cape.

We install state of the art Alarm Systems to Residential Apartments and Gated Estates across Western Cape. SA Fire Watch Installation services for Office Buildings, Office Parks and other commercial premises in Alarm protection. Providing businesses with high levels of security protection, intrusion detection and theft/vandalism prevention. Industries and Industrial Parks receive different visitors and sometimes not all the visitors require to be there. However, to keep track of vast areas of Industrial areas and Industrial Parks. SA Fire Watch offers customized alarm systems that are installed in hot points to alleviate intrusion and threats.  Our alarm systems play a role as the first defender guard in the building, thereby warding off any possible threats.  SA Fire Watch installs safe and secure systems. Our systems provide that intruders and or occupants are not likely to damage the alarm systems or trigger false alarms.

Warehouses are the lifeline of many businesses in and around the Western Cape. Protecting other businesses investments is a prerequisite in facilitating the protection of your warehouse. In recent days, Institutions of learning have become a target for theft and vandalism. Due to high occupancy, visitors and learners alike it is not easy to account for individual occupants of the premises at any given time. This uncertainty provides for a fertile ground for intruders and vandalism of the premises. Theft of medical supplies and medicines can bring into jeopardy the lives of many patients. SA Fire Watch alarm systems facilitate for a 24/7 security guard in dark spots where CCTV cameras do not have an eye. The alarm systems do not interfere with the medical alarm systems for medical emergency unit areas. Sensitive government documents could be the target of vandals and unwarranted visitors.

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